Working with plans and services

Delegated Administration Console automates many of the tasks required to provision services to resellers and customers. By default, Delegated Administration Console is configured to provision the following services:

Active Directory directory services are automatically provisioned for all organizations created in Delegated Administration Console. You must add all other services to the organization. You can do this either when they are created or afterwards.

In order to provision services, you must have servers in your deployment of Microsoft Provisioning System that are running the necessary software. For more information about installing and configuring the Microsoft Provisioning System software, see Installing Microsoft Provisioning System.

Plans consist of a group of services that you provision simultaneously, as a set. The only time you use plans, however, is when you are creating a new organization. After you have created the new organization, you must enable or disable services for it individually.

When you create a new reseller or customer organization, you select a plan to assign. This automatically enables the services included in the plan for the new organization and sets the service's properties according to those specified by the plan.

Before you create a new reseller or customer organization, be sure to verify that a plan exists that you can assign to the organization. If one does not exist, you can create an appropriate plan that includes the services and properties you want. To do this, you must be a service provider administrator. Only service provider administrators can configure plans and services.

When you create a plan, you can specify certain service properties, such as the disk space to allocate for the organization's Exchange mailboxes, and the disk space to allocate to Web and FTP sites. The properties you specify apply to all services that you provision under the given plan. If you later change the service properties in a plan, the changed properties apply only to the services you provision under that plan after you make the change. The properties of services that you have already assigned to organizations remain unchanged.

By default, you can specify the following service properties:


You use Delegated Administration Console Config Center to create plans and specify service properties. For procedures on setting up plans and services, see To configure service plans. For complete plan and service administration procedures, see Delegated Administration Console Help.