Working with IIS resources

Internet Information Services (IIS) resources include the disk space that will be used for Web or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site files, and Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This topic provides information about administrative tasks you can perform in Delegated Administration Console that affect IIS resources, including registering IIS resources, and creating and deleting Web and FTP sites. It also describes how to view information about IIS resources, including the list of registered resources and the Web and FTP sites to which they are assigned.

Microsoft Provisioning System uses Resource Manager to provide integrated resource management functionality.

For more information about Resource Manager, see Resource management.

Registering IIS resources

Before you can create a Web or FTP site for an organization, you must first ensure that the appropriate resources are registered with Resource Manager.


Only a service provider administrator can register IIS resources. For specific procedures on registering IIS resources, see "Register IIS resources" in the installation documentation located in the root folder on the Microsoft Provisioning System product CD. For a single computer configuration, see install_single.htm. For a multi-computer configuration, see install_multi.htm.

Creating and deleting Web and FTP sites

When you create a Web or FTP site by using Delegated Administration Console, Microsoft Provisioning System queries the Resource Manager database to identify which Web server has sufficient disk space and an available IP address. The amount of disk space is specified by the customer's service plan. Microsoft Provisioning System creates the Web or FTP site on the appropriate server and assigns it an IP address. It then updates the Resource Manager database with information about the transaction, linking the IIS Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) path of the Web site to information about the disk space allocated and the assigned IP address.

For specific procedures on creating Web and FTP sites, see To set up a Web site for an organization.

Viewing information about IIS resources

You can view information about the available IIS resources and the organizations to which they are allocated from Config Center. Only service provider administrators can view this information, however. For specific procedures on viewing information about IIS resources, see Delegated Administration Console Help.