Working with groups

Groups are Microsoft Active Directory objects that are used in Delegated Administration Console to contain user accounts, contacts, and other groups.

There are two types of groups:

By default, Delegated Administration Console includes several preconfigured security groups to which you can add user accounts in order to give them specific permissions.

If you need to create additional security groups, or modify the default security groups, you must do so from Active Directory Users and Computers. For more information about doing this, see the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server product documentation at the Microsoft Web site(

In Delegated Administration Console, however, you can create Active Directory distribution groups. These groups are not security-enabled and cannot be listed in discretionary access control lists (DACLs). They can be used only with e-mail applications (such as Exchange) to send e-mail to collections of users or to organize users into logical groups for easier management.

For more information about the default security groups and roles, see Understanding roles and privileges. For specific group administration procedures, see Delegated Administration Console Help.