Working with Exchange services

Administrators can enable and disable Exchange services for an organization and set up mailboxes for user accounts. For instructions on enabling Exchange for an organization and creating mailboxes, see To set up Exchange for an organization. For complete Exchange administration procedures see Delegated Administration Console Help.

When you enable Exchange for an organization, disk space is allocated for the organization's mailboxes within the Exchange mailbox store. If you enabled Exchange when you created the organization, the space allocated is determined by the service plan you selected for the organization. If you enable Exchange after you create the organization, you must specify the disk space to allocate and indicate whether it is to reside on a shared or dedicated mailbox store. A shared mailbox store contains mailbox data for multiple organizations. A dedicated mailbox store contains mailbox data for only one organization. You must have already registered a mailbox store that is of the type you specify for the organization.

The disk space allocated for the organization's mailboxes is recorded in Resource Manager. When you create a mailbox for a user account in that organization, the disk space allocated to the mailbox is deducted from the space available for that organization. When you delete a mailbox, the disk space allocated to the mailbox is added back to the space available for the organization in Resource Manager. To free up the physical space used by the mailbox on the server hard disk, however, you must use Exchange System Manager to delete the mailbox. For more information about how Exchange works with Resource Manager, see Working with Exchange resources.

You can view the disk space resources that are allocated to an organization and the amount of disk space used by an organization's mailboxes from the Exchange Services section of Manage Organization for that organization. For instructions on viewing this information, see Delegated Administration Console Help.

Before you can work with Exchange services in Delegated Administration Console, Exchange resources must first be registered. For information on how to register resources, see "Register Exchange resources" in the installation documentation located in the root folder on the Microsoft Provisioning System product CD. For a single computer configuration, see install_single.htm. For a multi-computer configuration, see install_multi.htm.