Creating organizational units

You can use organizational units to manage organizations in Delegated Administration Console. For additional information about managing organizations, see Working with organizations.

To create a new organizational unit in Delegated Administration Console, navigate to the parent organizational unit where you want to create the new one. In the tasks pane, click the appropriate link for the type of organizational unit you want to create: New Reseller for a reseller organizational unit, New Customer for a customer organizational unit, or New Organizational Unit for a generic organizational unit.


Within each customer or reseller organizational unit, Delegated Administration Console creates the default security groups for administrators, CSRs, and end users. For more information about Delegated Administration Console security groups, see Understanding roles and privileges.

You can further organize the information in an organizational unit by creating generic organizational units within it to represent groups, divisions, and teams within a customer organization. For example, in a customer organizational unit called Customer1, you might create an organizational unit called Marketing and another called Sales. You could then create users and groups within these organizational units or move existing users and groups into the organizational units. You could also delegate the administration of an organizational unit you create to another administrator.

For specific information on how to set up reseller and customer organizational units, see To set up a new reseller organization and To set up a new customer organization. For complete organization administration procedures, see Delegated Administration Console Help.