Request implementation in Microsoft Provisioning System

You can submit requests to Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) either from Delegated Administration Console or by submitting XML directly or through a custom user interface (UI). Delegated Administration Console implements requests by getting the XML of the request from one of the XML templates provided in Microsoft Provisioning System, incorporating the data that is entered in the Delegated Administration Console user interface, and then passing the request to MPF.

The request, including the procedure in the request, must conform to the XML schema implemented by Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF). The templates used by Microsoft Provisioning System conform to the schema. The templates do not show how the data is merged into the request, however. Even if your organization is not planning on using Delegated Administration Console, it is recommended that you install it, turn debug mode on, and use all of the functionality. The resulting debug file includes the requests submitted to MPF to carry out a function, as well as the responses to the requests. This can give you valuable information about how requests can be implemented.

For more information on using the debugging options, see "Working with debugging options" and"Configure debugging options" in Delegated Administration Console Help.


For more information about requests, see What a request is and How a request works. For more information on the XML schema and how to implement it, see Working with XML requests. For information on procedures, see Procedure architecture. For information on namespaces, see Namespace architecture. The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional resources to help you implement procedures, requests, and namespaces. This includes the complete XML schema for all elements and information on how to implement providers. For more information on the SDK and how to use it, see Microsoft Provisioning Framework SDK.