Procedure implementation in Microsoft Provisioning System

Procedures reside in the namespaces of Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF). You can access namespaces by using Provisioning Manager, which is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in used to administer Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF).

MPF uses the XML schema for the procedure element in both namespaces and requests. Most procedures, except those of read-only namespaces, can be modified to meet specific functionality requirements. Custom procedures can also be added to all namespaces except read-only namespaces. Read-only namespaces, which are indicated by the red highlighting for the namespace in the console tree of Provisioning Manager, are critical to the operation of MPF.

Each of the procedures of a namespace is registered with the configuration database when the namespace is registered with MPF. You can use Provisioning Manager to register a namespace, by either creating or importing it. You can also register it from the command line by running ProvNamespace.exe.

For more information about procedures, see What a procedure is and How a procedure works. For more information on the XML schema and how to implement it, see Working with XML requests. For information on requests, see Request architecture. For information on namespaces, see Namespace architecture. The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional resources to help you implement procedures, requests, and namespaces. This includes the complete XML schema for all elements and information on how to implement providers. For more information on the SDK and how to use it, see Microsoft Provisioning Framework SDK.