IIS Provider

IIS Provider and the IIS Provider namespace implement support for accessing, creating, deleting, and configuring the basic elements of Internet Information Services (IIS) version 5.0 to provide Web and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services. This includes the functionality that supports rollback for unsuccessful transactions.

IIS Provider and IIS Provider namespace are required by both Delegated Administration Console and the Managed IIS namespace. If you are not using Delegated Administration Console, you can still use IIS Provider, the IIS Provider namespace and the Managed IIS namespace to implement support for Internet Information Services (IIS) version 5.0.

The IIS Provider namespace implements the following procedures.

Procedure Description
CreateFTPSite Creates a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.
CreateVDir Creates a virtual directory.
CreateWebSite Creates a Web site.
DeleteSite Deletes a Web site.
DeleteVDir Deletes a virtual directory.
EnumConfig Obtains an enumeration of values for a specific IIS property.
EnumConfigRecursive Obtains a recursive enumeration of values for a specific IIS property.
GetConfigProperty Obtains the current IIS property values.
SetConfigProperty Sets IIS property values.
StartSite Starts an IIS site.
StopSite Stops an IIS site.

For more information on how this namespace is implemented, see the IIS Provider Software Development Kit (SDK) available on the Microsoft Provisioning System installation CD in the \support\reskit\Providers folder. For more information on the Managed IIS namespace, see Managed IIS. The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional resources to help you implement the Active Directory Provider namespace. For more information on the SDK and how to use it, see Microsoft Provisioning Framework SDK.