Exchange Provider

Exchange Provider and the Exchange Provider namespace implement core Exchange messaging and collaboration services if you use Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server for these purposes. The Exchange Provider namespace calls the underlying Exchange Provider to modify Exchange objects.

Exchange Provider and Exchange Provider namespace are available when you are using Delegated Administration Console, as well as when you are using the Managed Exchange namespace without Delegated Administration Console. If you are not using Delegated Administration Console, you can still use Exchange Provider and Exchange Provider namespace, and the Managed Exchange namespace to support Exchange 2000 Server.

You can use the Exchange Provider namespace to create, delete, modify, and enable services and support.

The Exchange Provider namespace implements the following procedures.

Procedure Description
CreateAddressList Creates an address list in the All Address Lists container and sets permissions.
CreateExchangeVirtualDirectory Creates a virtual directory for a hosted organization to allow Outlook Web access.
CreateFolder Creates a folder and sets permissions on it.
CreateGlobalAddressList Creates a global address list (GAL) and set permissions on it.
CreateMailbox Enables a mailbox for a user.
CreateOfflineAddressList Creates an offline address list for a customer.
CreateSMTPDomain Creates one or more Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) domains for a hosted customer.
DeleteAddressList Deletes an address list from the All Address Lists container.
DeleteExchangeVirtualDirectory Deletes a virtual directory for a hosted organization.
DeleteFolder Deletes a folder.
DeleteGlobalAddressList Removes the GAL from the All Global Address Lists container and updates the Exchange configuration container to reflect the changes.
DeleteMailbox Deletes a user mailbox.
DeleteMailboxes Deletes all user mailboxes in a given organizational unit.
DeleteOfflineAddressList Deletes the offline address list of a customer.
DeleteSMTPDomain Deletes one or more SMTP domains for an organization.
EditMailbox Edits mailbox settings.
MailDisableContact Disables mail for an existing contact.
MailDisableGroup Disables mail for a group.
MailEnableContact Enables mail for an existing contact.
MailEnableGroup Enables mail for a group.
ModifyFolder Modifies the parameters and permissions of a folder.
MoveMailbox Moves a mailbox from one mailbox store to another.

For more information on how this namespace is implemented, see the Exchange Provider Software Development Kit (SDK) available on the Microsoft Provisioning System installation CD in the \help folder. For more information on the Managed Exchange namespace, see Managed Exchange. The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional resources to help you implement namespaces and providers. For more information on the SDK and how to use it, see Microsoft Provisioning Framework SDK.