Other provider namespaces available in Microsoft Provisioning System

In addition to the basic provider namespaces installed with Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF), Microsoft Provisioning System includes three additional provider namespaces. These additional provider namespaces support the business logic that implements the functionality of provider namespaces and Delegated Administration Console. Each of these three additional provider namespaces is installed and registered with MPF automatically when the individual provider is installed. To be able to use the full functionality of Delegated Administration Console, you must install and use all three of these additional providers.

If you are not using Delegated Administration Console, you can still install and use these providers and their namespaces, either in conjunction with the non-provider namespaces available in Microsoft Provisioning System or to support the implementation of your own custom namespaces. In either case, you can use these providers and their namespaces to implement extended provisioning support for a custom user interface (UI) or a command-line scenario.

The three additional provider namespaces are not installed by default with MPF, but you can install them individually and then use them to extend the functionality of your system:

This section covers the three additional provider namespaces: