Provisioning Manager

Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) provides the framework and engine for provisioning requests in Microsoft Provisioning System. Provisioning Manager is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that provides a graphical user interface (UI) for managing MPF components from a single server.

After you have installed Provisioning Manager on the servers running MPF client components, you can use Provisioning Manager to manage each provisioning server and namespace, as well as all credentials implemented in MPF.

Provisioning servers

You can use Provisioning Manager to administer the provisioning server centrally. You can also manage the way transactions are processed by the server. In addition, with Provisioning Manager, you can perform these tasks whether the MPF components are installed on a single computer or distributed across multiple computers.


Namespaces provide the core functionality for provisioning services and resources. Namespaces consist of one or more procedures that implement specific functionality.

The provider namespaces and other standard namespaces that are installed by default with MPF include the following:

For more information on MPF namespaces, see Namespaces in Provisioning Manager Help and Providers and namespaces.


Credentials consist of an account domain, user name, and password used to process procedures. By default, MPF uses MPFServiceAcct credentials, if you do not have impersonation enabled, or the caller's credentials, if you do have impersonation enabled. Using Provisioning Manager, you can specify credentials for one or more other accounts that can be used to process specific procedures.

For more information on MPF credentials, see Credentials in Provisioning Manager Help.