Internet Information Services 5.0 metabase properties

When you provision a Web or an FTP site for an organization, Microsoft Provisioning System configures IIS metabase properties for the Web or FTP site. Except for the ASPEnableParentPaths property, Microsoft Provisioning System uses the default IIS metabase properties.

For security reasons Microsoft Provisioning System configures the ASPEnableParentPaths metabase property as False. This prevents the use of the "..\" syntax in ASP applications. Although you can change this property to True by using Delegated Administration Console or by submitting a direct XML request to the IIS Provider, Microsoft strongly recommends that you do not do so in a shared Web hosting environment. For more information about this issue, see article Q184717 "AspEnableParentPaths MetaBase Property Should Be Set To False" in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Many of the IIS metabase properties are configurable through Delegated Administration Console. For more information about configuring Web sites by using Delegated Administration Console, see Set up a Web site for an organization.

For more information about the tasks that Microsoft Provisioning System performs while registering resources and provisioning Web services, see Internet Information Services 5.0 hosting configuration.