Internet Information Services 5.0 content folder ACEs

When you provision a Web or an FTP site for an organization, Microsoft Provisioning System creates a content folder for the site on the IIS 5.0 server. This topic describes the ACEs that Microsoft Provisioning System sets on the content folder. For more information about the tasks that Microsoft Provisioning System performs while registering resources and provisioning Web services, see Internet Information Services 5.0 hosting configuration.

The following ACE is set on the Web or FTP site content folder to prevent any user accounts from accessing the contents of the folder, unless explicitly granted this right:

Remove Everyone

The following table describes the ACE that gives administrators and CSRs in reseller organizations and customer organizations full control over their Web or FTP site content folder. In the case of customer Web and FTP sites, administrators and CSRs in both the customer organization and their reseller organization are given full control of the content folder. Administrators and CSRs in the hosting organization already have full control because this permission is inherited from the hosting folder.

Trustees Permission Apply To
For resellers: admins@reseller_organization; For customers: admins@reseller_organization, csradmins@reseller_organization, admins@customer_organization Special This object and all child objects
Permission Allow Deny
Full Control X