Your environment may already meet the configuration requirements provided here so that you can install and run Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 7. These include the following recovery image and disk space requirements.

DaRT 7 Recovery Image Requirements

No cross-platform recovery image creation is supported. The following table specifies the kind of recovery image that you should create and deploy in your enterprise:

Platform and DaRT Version Recovery Image Requirements

x64 DaRT 7.0

Create and use an x64 DaRT recovery image.

x86 DaRT 7.0

Create and use an x86 DaRT recovery image.

DaRT 7 End-user Computer Requirements

The Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset window in DaRT requires that the destination computer use one of the following operating systems together with the specified amount of system memory available for DaRT:

Operating System System Requirements for DaRT

Windows® 7 64-bit (2GB)

2.5GB of system memory

Windows® 7 32-bit (1GB)

1.5GB of system memory

Windows Server® 2008 R2 (512MB)

1GB of system memory

DaRT also has the following minimal hardware requirements:

  • A CD or DVD drive or a USB port

    This is required if you are deploying DaRT in your enterprise by using a CD, DVD, or USB.

  • BIOS support for starting the computer from a CD or DVD, a USB flash drive, or from a remote or recovery partition

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