Use the topics in this section to help you create, deploy, and manage the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 7 recovery image. This section also provides instructions for how to open and run the different tools in DaRT.

In This Section

Create the DaRT 7 Recovery Image

Describes how to use the DaRT Recovery Image Wizard to create a recovery image in DaRT 7.
Deploy the DaRT 7 Recovery Image

Describes the different ways in which you can deploy and use the DaRT recovery image in your enterprise.
Start DaRT 7 from the DaRT Recovery Image

Provides instructions for starting DaRT after booting into a computer by using the DaRT recovery image.
Run DaRT 7 on an End-user Computer

Describes how to run DaRT while physically present at an end-user computer.
Run DaRT 7 by Using Remote Connection

Describes how to run DaRT on an end-user computer from a remote location.
Use the Crash Analyzer for DaRT 7

Provides instructions for using the Crash Analyzer in DaRT to inspect an end-user computer crash.
Run the Diagnostic and Recovery Tools in DaRT 7

Describes different tasks that you can perform when you try to fix a problem computer and the different tools in DaRT that you can use.

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