Windows operating systems do not provide drivers for all SCSI adapters that can be installed on a computer. Perform the following procedure in the ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard to add Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drivers to the boot CD for the adapters that are not supported.

To add an OEM storage controller driver
  1. In the Additional Mass Storage Drivers dialog box of the ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard, click Add Device.

  2. Browse to the txtsetup.oem file for the driver, and then click Open.

    The txtsetup.oem file is provided by the manufacturer of the storage device.
  3. In the Select SCSI Driver dialog box, select the driver that you want to add, and then click OK.

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for all of the drivers that you want to include.

  5. Click Next.

SCSI is not the only type of storage controller driver that you might need to add. SCSI, Serial-ATA (SATA), and IDE RAID are examples of devices that often require drivers that are not included in Windows.

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