ERD Commander enables you to access any Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 file system, which includes FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. ERD Commander offers both a graphical environment and a command-line console.

The ERD Commander interface includes a taskbar, Start menu, and desktop shortcuts. You cannot edit the items on the Start menu, move or modify existing desktop shortcuts, or create new desktop shortcuts.

ERD Commander provides utilities and wizards that will help you to perform many different types of system diagnoses and repairs. The following table lists some of the problems that can be solved with the utilities and wizards that are provided with ERD Commander.

Diagnose Windows-based system crashes

The Crash Analyzer Wizard can be used to diagnose Windows-based system crashes and pinpoint the driver that caused the failure.

Remove or replace problematic drivers or services

The Service and Driver utility can be used to delete or replace services or drivers that prevent a Windows-based system from starting.

Recover deleted files

File Restore can be used to find and restore deleted files from any supported Windows-based file system.

Regain access to a system

Locksmith Wizard can be used to list the local user accounts and change passwords.

View event logs

The Event Log Viewer can be used to help diagnose a problem by viewing event logs.

Restore Windows XP restore points

The ERD System Restore Wizard can be used to restore a system that cannot be started to a previous restore point.

Uninstall Windows hotfixes and service packs

The Hotfix Uninstall Wizard can be used to remove Windows hotfixes or service packs from a system that cannot be started.

Partition and format disks

Computer Management can be used to delete, format, and create partitions and volumes.

Salvage and repair partitions, volumes, or files

The Disk Commander Wizard can be used to salvage or repair partitions, volumes, or files.

Erase disks and volumes

Disk Wipe can be used to erase disks and volumes.

The following Help documentation sections provide information about preparing to run ERD Commander.