The Summary Pane

This is a tabular view that displays the itemized summaries of Profiler information from the Profiler Server. The pane can be made visible and invisible thru the Views menu and from a button on the toolbar. Clicking on an item in the Summary view will display the full details of the event in the Details pane. The Summary view supports sorting and searching. There are two ways of getting Profiler information into the Summary Pane: by attaching to a Profiler server or by opening a Profiler log file.

When attached to a Profiler server, the Summary Pane automatically scrolls to the newest event. To disable this behavior type Ctrl+Home. To put the Summary Pane back in automatic scroll mode type Ctrl+End.

To Sort the contents of the Summary Pane

  1. Make sure the Summary pane is showing.
  2. Click the header of the column you want to sort by. Only sorting in ascending order is supported.

To Search for an item in the Summary Pane

  1. Make sure the filter pane is showing
  2. Type the keyword to be used for searching in the Search combo of the toolbar and press enter.

To Clear the contents of the Summary Pane

  1. Click on the File::New menu or the New button of the toolbar.

See Also

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