Real-time Tracing

Real-time tracing allows you to analyze MPF requests as they pass through an MPF server.  When TraceView first detects an MPF request has started, a node is added to the TraceView tree that ends with 'processing'.  As steps in the MPF request are processed, TraceView adds descendant nodes to the initial request node.  Once the request is finished, 'processing' is removed from the initial request tree node.

At any time, you can save the requests in TraceView's tree to a trace file, which you can then open again with TraceView.  To learn more about trace files, see Trace Files.

To see how to modify the list of MPF servers from TraceView's list of connections, see Adding/Removing Connections.

To see how to start, stop or pause real-time tracing in TraceView, see Controlling Real-time Tracing.

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