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The MPF Profiler Application

Welcome to The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Profiler. The MPF Profiler is a development tool application supplied as part of the Microsoft Provisioning Framework. This application is targeted towards developers who are creating solutions on top of the Microsoft Provisioning Framework. The main feature provided by the Profiler is the ability to monitor data flow in and out of namespaces, named procedures and named procedure constructs. The Profiler is built on top of a client-server architecture. The Profiler client application can be installed on the same server as the MPF engine or any other machine that is in the same domain. Using filters on both the server and client, a user can easily narrow down the volume of Profiler information to that which is most interest to them.


To install the Profiler, run the Resource Kit installation program and select Profiler. The installation program will create a shortcut for the Profiler Application under Start \Programs\Microsoft Provisioning Server\Resource Kit\.

In order for the Profiler to receive profiler information, you must also install the Tracing Tools feature from the Resource kit installer. The Tracing Tools have to be installed on the Server that you need to Profile.

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