The Filter Pane

This is the view that is used to create and edit both client and server filters. The pane can be made visible and invisible thru the Views menu. When the Filter pane is displayed, it is set to display Server filters by default. Using the Client and Server tabs, a user can toggle between server and client filters. The simplest way to edit a filter is to use the controls ofthe Filter pane. However filters can also be edited in raw XML. The View Filter, View XML button can be used to move between the XML view and Filter view of the filter pane.

To apply a filter

  1. make sure the filter pane is showing
  2. select a filter from the Filters combo or create one by using the field controls.
  3. Click on the Apply button.

To clear a filter:

  1. Make sure the filter pane is showing
  2. Click on the Clear button.

See Also

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