MPF Database Viewer Views

Filter Pane.

The first pane in the Database Viewer application is the Filter Pane. Using the controls in this pane, one is able to author custom filters and use the filters to retrieve the transaction history that they are interested in. YOu can retrieve all records by checking the 'All Records' check box. When you are done building the filter, use the 'Retrieve Records' button to retrieve the records.

Batch Pane.

The middle pane houses the Batch view. This view supports multiple selection. Clicking on a batch row will display the actions associated with the batch in the Action Pane below. Double clicking on a batch row will bring up the Details Pane for the batch. You can resubmit the selected batches for execution by clicking the 'Execute Now' button and you can remove a batch from the database by using the "Delete" button.

Action Pane.

The bottom pane in the Batch Manager Query tab is the Action Pane.The Action Pane works very similar to the Batch Pane with the difference that it exposes actions rather than batches. You can view the Action details by switching to the Action Detail tab

Settings Tab.

If your configuration has multiple Transaction Log Databases, you can use the Connections Tab in the Settings Tab to choose what database you want to connect to. You need to provide the name of the MPF Config Database and then click the 'Get Tran Server List' button. After the connection is made, the Transaction Log Databases will appear in the bottom well. You can then connect to a database by selecting it and clicking 'Connect'.

The Batch Manager Column Tab provides controls for customizing the columns in the main Viewer. Use this tab if you want to reorder or remove some of the columns in both the Batch and Action panes.

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