Adding/Removing Connections

Adding the Local MPF Server to the List of Connections

If TraceView is installed on the same machine where the MPF server is installed, you can simply choose 'Start' from either the 'Tools' menu or from the toolbar.  If TraceView's list of connected servers is empty, TraceView will ask if you want to add the local machine name to the list of connected servers.  If you choose 'Yes', TraceView will add the local machine to the connected server list and start listening for MPF requests on the local computer.

Adding or Removing Other Connections

Choose the 'Tools | Options...' menu item.  TraceView will display a property sheet named 'Options' which includes a tab named 'Connections'.  To add a connection, type in the name of the server and click 'Add'.  To remove a server from the list, click on a server name and click 'Remove'.  Additionally, you can stop TraceView from connecting to a given server by unclicking the check box found next to each server name.

If you modify the connections while TraceView has already started real-time tracing, you must first stop real-time tracing, and then start real-time tracing again.  To see how to start, stop or pause real-time tracing in TraceView, see Controlling Real-time Tracing.

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