Client Filters

The Profiler supports client filters as a way of filtering out unneeded information from the view display. Client Filters as well as Server filters are represented as XML. The Profiler provides a graphical interface for authoring and editing Filters. Client Filters are generally more slower than Server Filters however because they are applied on the client machine, they do not introduce any perfomance hit to the Server.

Creating a Client Filter

  1. Got to the Filter menu and click New Filter... This will show the Filter Pane
  2. In the Filter pane click on the Client tab
  3. Use the controls under Fields to create filter conditions
  4. The fields you select will be used to create 'and' clauses in the filter
  5. To specify multiple values to be used for an 'or' condition use the bar character e.g 1 | 2 | 3
  6. Click on the Apply button to apply your filter.

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