Upgrading the Evaluation Edition to the Enterprise Edition

The Evaluation Edition of the Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF) is a small-scale version of the Enterprise Edition. Since it is intended only for use in evaluation testing, the data store is Microsoft. Data Engine (MSDE), which supports a maximum of five concurrent users and 2 GB of data storage. For superior performance and scalability when running MPF in a data center, you must upgrade to the Enterprise Edition and implement Microsoft. SQL Server 2000.

The upgrade process migrates previously installed components. After upgrading, you can add and remove components and otherwise modify your MPF installation as necessary to support live operations.

Note  The upgrade will update previously installed databases such as the configuration database, but it will not harm or otherwise affect any data stored there.

System Requirements

For detailed information on hardware and software requirements, see System Requirements. When upgrading from Microsoft. Data Engine (MSDE) 2000 to SQL Server 2000, you must reapply any service packs and hot fixes; otherwise, differences in file versions may cause the SQL Server 2000 installation to be out of date and potentially unstable.

Upgrading from Setup

Installing MPF from a CD-ROM or share is appropriate for stand-alone installations used for development or evaluation purposes.

To upgrade from a CD-ROM

If the Install option does not appear, or if you have already inserted the CD to browse this documentation, do the following:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Enter d:\setup and click OK. Substitute the correct drive name for your CD-ROM drive if it is other than the D: drive.
  4. Choose Upgrade.

To install from a share

  1. In the supplied installation path or share, run Setup.exe.
  2. Choose Upgrade.

Note  During the upgrade, an automatic reboot (without user prompts) will occur if your installation includes:

Upgrading from an Unattended Install

For unattended upgrades, be sure to include all component parameters specified earlier during the Evaluation Edition install. In addition, you must insert the upgrade parameters REINSTALL=ALL and  REINSTALLMODE=vamus just before the logging parameters.

From the command line, the upgrade command syntax is:

msiexec /i mpf.msi /qn [<original parameters from Evaluation Edition install>] 

For example, the following command installs the core components, queue manager, and transaction log on a single machine as part of a domain installation. It also generates a log file called logfile.txt in c:\temp.

msiexec /i mpf.msi /qn UNATTENDED=1 MPF_DOMAIN_INSTALL=1 MPFCORE=1
REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vamus /l*v c:\temp\logfile.txt

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