Provisioning Schema::transactionContext

Element that encapsulates attributes affecting rollback and request tracking. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF).




URL of the MPF server that owns the transaction. Used to enlist new transactions whenever remote MPF servers process a request (hence the "tip," or "Transaction Internet Protocol," in "tipUrl"). In distributed processing environments, MPF generates a tipUrl attribute to link the transaction to the server that originally received the request. The tipUrl also preserves the MPF transaction ID as the request travels between servers. By default, an MPF server assumes that a request comes directly from the client and assigns a new ID. The tipUrl attribute prevents remote servers from doing this erroneously. MPF automatically generates the tipURL attribute for remote requests, so do not include it in requests.
ID that the receiving MPF server generates and assigns to the request. Used only for MPF internal processing and logging. Do not include this attribute in requests; if this value is passed in, MPF will override it.


  <transactionContext TransactionId="53367B03-63D3-44ae-B8AD-C1E57E876E6C"/>

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