Provisioning Schema::select

Element that defines a named selection for conditional checking. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF).

The data source for the selection is identified by the source and sourcePath attributes. The child node where defines the condition to check. The select nodes are evaluated in the order they appear in the procedure definition.


procedure, try, catch


where (minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="*")


Optional. Default value to be used when none of the where elements within the selection are evaluated.
Optional. Value to assign to the selection when no data node can be resolved using the source and sourcePath attributes.
Required. Name of the select node; used to reference the node during conditional checking using when nodes.
Required. Context node for locating the sourcePath node in the request XML:
  • "data" (the request's data node)
  • "procedureData" (the called procedure's procedureData node)
Optional. XPath for the element and attribute to select. 


	<user name="joe" type="Administrator" />
	<select name="userType" source="data" sourcePath="user/@type defaultCase="user" ifNullCase="user">
	<where value="Administrator" case="admin" />
	<execute namespace="MyHosting" procedure="AssignAdminRights">
	<when select="userType" case="admin" />
	<execute namespace="Test Namespace" procedure="GrantDomainUserRights">
	<when select="userType" case="user" />

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