Provisioning Schema::repeat

Element that defines a procedure execution to repeat. The number of repetitions is specified by a data source whose address is described by the source and (optionally) sourcePath attributes. The data source must contain a numeric value. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).


execute, queue, transform


Optional. Enumeration that specifies what happens if the node specified by attributes source and sourcePath does not exist.
  • "fail" (default): Returns a failure.
  • "skip": Skips the current execution loop.
  • "ignore": Executes the associated procedure once.
Required. Context node for locating the sourcePath node in the request XML:
  • "data" (the request's data node).
  • "procedureData" (the called procedure's procedureData node)
  • Name of a previously-defined forEach node
Optional. XPath for the element and attribute that specify the number of repetitions. 


	<user name="joe" retryCount="1000" status="notSignedUp" />
	<execute namespace="Hotmail" procedure="Signup User">
	<before source="data" sourcePath="user" destination="executeData" />
	<repeat source="data" sourcePath="user/@retryCount" />
	<when source="data" sourcePath="user/[@status='notSignedUp' ]" />
	<execute namespace="Error Namespace" procedure="ReportError">
		<errorContext description="Failed while signing up the user./>
	<when source="data" sourcePath="user/[@status='notSignedUp' ]" />

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