Provisioning Schema::queueContext

Element that encapsulates configuration data for queued provisioning requests. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).






Optional. Enumeration that specifies the handling of a queued action, once the specified number of retries has been exhausted.
  • "continue": Fails the requests and continues.
  • "queueToOperator": Queues the request for operator intervention. The operator can then choose to retry the request later.
ID that the Queue Manager generates for a queued action. MPF automatically populates this ID into the queueContext node.
Optional. UI2 (2-byte unsigned integer) that specifies the number of times the queued action is to be retried on failure.
Optional. I2 (2-byte integer) that specifies the priority of the queued job lower the number specified the higher the priority. Priorities are divided in three categories high(-50 and less) medium(-50 -- 0) and low( greater than 0). Within QM there are three in-memory queues mapping to each category and jobs within each category are ordered based on their priority when they are picked from the persistent store.
Optional. UI2 (2-byte unsigned integer) that specifies the number of milliseconds to wait between retries.
Optional. Boolean (Bool value 0 or 1) that specifies if responses from the successfully executed queued jobs need to be retained or not. in case if not then MPF would delete the queued jobs once they are successfully executed. The flag does not effect the behaviour of failed queued jobs. In case if no value is specified then default value configured for Queue Managers in property store is picked.
Optional. Hexadecimal error code (for example, "0x80070057") that sets a return error check. Whenever a queued job fails and returns the specified error code in the response XML, the job is retried only once (instead of the number of times specified by retryCount).
Optional. Enumeration that specifies the type of retry interval for a failed queued action.
  • "constant" (default): The same interval (retryInterval) is used for all retries.
  • "exponential": The retry interval increases exponentially based on the formula retryInterval * 2 number of retries.
  • "linear": The retry interval increases in a linear fashion based on the formula retryInterval * number of retries.


<request xmlns="http://maps/specs/prov.xml">
	<queueContext retryCount="3" retryInterval="300"/>
	<execute namespace="SimpleSco" procedure="Write Request">
	<forEach name="organization" root="data" path="organizations/organization"  />
	<before source="organization" destination="executeData" />

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