Provisioning Schema::passport

Element that encapsulates a Passport Unique ID (PUID) for a member of Microsoft® .NET Passport. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF).

The PUID is the primary key that uniquely identifies a .NET Passport member. It is composed of a combination of two attributes, MemberIDHigh (represented in the passport node as the puidHigh attribute) and MemberIDLow (represented as puidLow). The PUID identifier is comprised of this combination due to lack of general support for 64-bit internal data types. For more information, see the .NET Passport SDK.

The PUID can either be passed with the request or automatically generated by MPF based on the security context for the calling user. The .NET Passport service called by the request uses the PUID to authorize access.




Optional. DWORD that stores the MemberIDHigh component of the PUID.
Optional. DWORD that stores the MemberIDLow component of the PUID.


  <passport puidHigh="2" puidLow="2"/>

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