Provisioning Schema::parentQueue

Element that contains the ID of a parent queued request. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).

Whenever dependencies exist between queued requests, you can designate one or more completed requests as predecessors (parents) of another request by passing corresponding parentQueue nodes. For example, if request A must complete before request B starts, request A would be the parent. If request A, B, and C must complete before request D, requests A, B, and C would all be parents.




Required. ID of a parent queued request; passed by the calling procedure.


	<organization name = "">
	<parentQueue queueId='1:1f319d8e-2e6d-4e8f-bd9a-981aaf31ddaa'/>
	<queue namespace="Simple Namespace" procedure="SignupUser" queueSuspended='0'>
	<before source="data" sourcePath='organizations' destination="executeData" ifNull='skip' />
	<after source='context' destination='data'/>

See also

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