Provisioning Schema::clientContext

Element that encapsulates contextual information passed by the calling user that originates a provisioning request. This element is part of the provisioning schema of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF).




Transaction ID passed by the calling user. This is the ID that the calling user uses to identify the request (as opposed to the transaction ID that MPF assigns to the request).
DWORD for the locale ID of the client that submitted the transaction. Represents the locale-specific language (for example, "0x0409" for US English).

Note  MPF does not use localeID to localize errors or other messages; it simply passes the attribute on to providers as part of the client context. However, transactions can use localeID to return a localized message.


  <clientContext clientTransactionId="53367B03-63D3-44ae-B8AD-C1E57E876E6C" />

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