Standard Providers and Namespaces

Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) contains the following standard providers and namespaces. Most can be modified; however, those marked Read cannot be.

Namespace Description Permissions
Active Directory Provider Executes standard operations on Microsoft® Active Directory® objects. Read, write
BlockModelRMO Implements functions that support resource management based on fixed-block allocations. In the block model, each resource has a maximum capacity and each consumer allocation uses a given percentage of that capacity. Read
Command Line Provider Executes command line actions. Read, write
CoreRMO Implements core resource management functions. Read
Custom Audit Modifies the audit log for custom reporting purposes. Read
Error Provider Raises specific MPF errors and remaps raised errors to other errors with localized descriptions. Read
File System Provider Automates common file system maintenance tasks involving files, directories, and shares. Read, write
HTTP and SOAP Provider Generates and sends Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) requests from provisioning engines to remote Web servers. Read, write
Preferred DC Active Directory Provider Executes Microsoft® Active Directory® operations so that they bind to a specified domain controller. Read, write
Registry Provider Updates, queries, and enumerates Microsoft® Windows® registry keys and values on a local or remote computer. Read, write
Sample Namespace Contains procedure definitions for the Sample Provisioning Web Site. Read, write
Scripting Provider Executes custom scripts and aggregates actions of providers or scripts or for prototyping when developing custom providers. The provider has two execute procedures for scripting processes with and without rollback. In each, the actual script can be referenced from a file or embedded as inline XML. Read, write
SQL Provider Passes SQL and ADO commands to an OLE DB provider on a database server. Read, write
Test Namespace Namespace for Test Provider. Contains procedures to read requests, return credentials, and process two-phase and write requests.  Read, write
Windows Installer Provider Installs and removes Windows Installer .msi files. Read, write

To support non-Microsoft applications, you may need to develop custom providers, procedures, and namespaces.

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