SQL Provider

Passes SQL and ADO commands to an OLE DB provider on a database server. Used by Microsoft. Provisioning Framework.


Program Files\Microsoft Provisioning\Providers\MPFSqlProv.dll


Name SQL Provider
Version 1
Provider Source Provisioning.SQLProvider.1


Procedure Description
ExecSQL Passes SQL and ADO commands to an OLE DB provider on a database server. Binds input and output parameters to the SQL command and returns an XML response.


The following table lists the errors returned by this provider.

HRESULT Description
(DWORD)0xC0001800L The SQL Provider encountered a connection error while executing a command.%r%rConnection String="%1".%r%rServer reported errors:%r%2.
(DWORD)0xC0001801L The SQL Provider cannot create more than %1 connections with connection string="%2".
(DWORD)0xC0001802L The node "%1" has an incorrect value: "%2".


Two Windows registry values allow customization of SQL Provider. These values are located in  \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Provisioning\Providers\SQL Provider.

MaxConnCount Maximum number of simultaneous TCP sessions per SQL database server. The default value is 0xFFFFFFFF (unlimited).

When SQL Provider receives a call, the input XML establishes a connection (connect node) to the SQL database. MaxConnCount defines the number of simultaneous connections per connect string. For more information on the connect node, see the ExecSQL documentation.

If the processor is overloaded, the connection times out.

MaxRows Maximum number of rows that can be returned for an ADO recordset. The default value is 4,096.

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