Error Provider::SetError

Sets the MPF error variable to the HRESULT and description for the current error and raises it to a provisioning engine, which propagates the error back to the calling procedure. Used by Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF)

For example, a CreateAccount procedure calls another procedure, CheckDatabase, to set up a user in a database. If the user already exists, CheckDatabase generates an error. In this situation, a call to SetError throws the error back to CreateAccount.

XML Input Schema

The following code fragment shows the format for sending data to this procedure. For more information on individual elements and attributes, see the Elements and Attributes table.


XML Output Schema

SetError does not return data.

Elements and Attributes

The following table describes the XML elements and attributes. Unless otherwise indicated, the data type is string.

Element Description, relationships, and attributes
executeData Description:
Encapsulates the procedure's input data.

desc (minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1")
hr (minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1")

desc Description:
Text returned in the MPF error description.


hr Description:
Error code that is raised. This code can be in either hexadecimal (0xFFFFFFFF) or decimal (+-9999999999) format.



MPF propagates an error through the procedure stack only if its error code is different from that of the error that is currently raised. This means that if you attempt to map an error to another error with the same code (even if the description is different), the error will not change, and the existing error description will be propagated to the caller.

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