CoreRMO::Delete Resource Type

Removes a resource type from the Resource Manager Database. Used by Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).

XML Input Schema

The following code fragment shows the format for sending data to this procedure. For more information on individual elements and attributes, see the Elements and Attributes table.


XML Output Schema

Delete Resource Type does not return data.

Elements and Attributes

The following table describes the XML elements and attributes. Unless otherwise indicated, the data type is string.

Element Description, relationships, and attributes
executeData Description:
Encapsulates the procedure's input data.

resourceType (minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1")

resourceType Description:
Encapsulates data needed to describe a resource type.


typeName (minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1")

typeName Description:
Name of the resource type to be deleted.



	<execute procedure="Delete Resource Type" namespace="CoreRMO"> 


In order to delete a resource type, the type must exist in the database and all instances of that type must have already been deleted. Related data in the resource model will be automatically deleted when the type is deleted.

See Also

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