Developing Providers on Other Platforms

To develop a custom provider for Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) on a platform other than Microsoft® Visual C++® or Microsoft® Visual Basic®, start by creating a COM object that defines and implements the application programming interfaces and procedures required to run the provider in MPF. At a minimum, every provider must implement IProvProvider. For procedures that require rollback capability, access the IProvHelper methods by caching the pointer received by ActivateProvider.

The COM object will determine which MPF procedure is called by evaluating the incoming XML from the request. The procedure name is found in the /executeXml/context/executeContext@procedure node of the request passed to the ProcessRequest, PrepareRequest, CommitRequest, and RollbackRequest methods.

Before you can deploy the provider in MPF, you must create an XML namespace file in the format described in XML Schema for Namespaces. When you are ready to deploy, register the namespace in the configuration database and use regsrv32.exe to register the provider DLL file on every provisioning engine server.

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