Developing Custom Namespaces

Namespaces are the mechanism that Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) uses to associate providers and procedures with the framework so that they are recognized by provisioning engines

If you develop custom providers using the approach described in Developing Providers in Visual C++ or Developing Providers in Visual Basic, you will automatically generate a namespace file called ProjectName.xml. If you use another platform, you will have to create the namespace file manually using the format described in Developing on Other Platforms.

You can also write custom namespaces simply to group related procedure calls.

The workflow for writing a custom namespace is:

  1. Define the set of procedures to be exposed in the namespace, using namespace schema. Include any necessary error handling code.
  2. Write the procedure(s) and define the XML input and/or output schema, if any, for data received or returned.
  3. Register the namespace in the configuration database.
  4. Test the namespace by running the ProvTest.exe utility.

When writing namespaces, keep in mind the following points:

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