WMI class that represents site log groups of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) in the configuration database. A site log group is a relationship between a site and a transaction log group. Used by Configuration Database WMI Provider.


class MSFT_MPFSiteLogGroup
	MSFT_MPFSite ref SiteName;

	MSFT_MPFTranLogGroup ref LogGroupName; 



MSFT_MPFSite ref SiteName * +
A reference to the site used by the log group.
MSFT_MPFTranLogGroup ref LogGroupName * +
A reference to the transaction log group used by the site log group.
* Key property
+ Reference property

See also

MSDN® information on Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), MSFT_MPFSite, MSFT_MPFTranLogGroup

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