WMI class that represents namespace definitions of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) in the configuration database. Used by Configuration Database WMI Provider.


class MSFT_MPFNamespace
	sint32 NamespaceID;

	string NamespaceName;
	sint32 Version;
	string ProviderSource;
	string ProviderContext;
	string Description;
	boolean Permission;
	string AccessSecurityDesc;

	string GetXML([in] boolean ForExport = false);

	uint32 CreateFromXML([in] string XML, [out] sint32 NamespaceID);

	uint32 maps_RemoveNamespace([in, fromPath] sint32 NamespaceID);



NamespaceID *
A sint32 that uniquely identifies the namespace in the configuration database.
A string that identifies the namespace.
A sint32 that identifies the version of the namespace.
A string that identifies the COM ProgID of the provider object associated with the namespace.
A string that identifies the context to use when calling the namespace.
A string that describes the namespace.
A boolean that indicates whether the namespace cannot be modified from Provisioning Manager. If 1 (true), the namespace is an MPF system namespace and cannot be modified.
A string that stores a Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) representation of the discretionary access control list (DACL) for this namespace.
* Key property


Method Description
GetXML COM object that retrieves an XML representation of the namespace from the configuration database. This XML is in a format that MPF tools such as ProvNamespace.exe and Provisioning Manager can use to import namespaces.


  • ForExport [in]: A boolean that indicates whether the namespace can be exported. The default value is "0" (false). If "1" (true), the XML is modified so that the namespace can be imported and called by a remote MPF installation.
CreateFromXML COM object that adds a namespace definition to the configuration database or modifies an existing namespace definition.

Static/Dynamic: Static


  • XML [in]: A string that contains the XML definition for the namespace. This XML is in the format returned by GetXML.
  • NamespaceID [out]: A sint32 that stores the ID of the namespace created or modified by the import.
maps_RemoveNamespace Stored procedure that removes a namespace definition from the configuration database.


  • NamespaceID [in, fromPath]: A sint32 that stores the ID of the namespace to remove.

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