ProvNamespace.exe is a utility shipped with Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF). It includes options to:


Program Files\Microsoft Provisioning\Tools\ProvNamespace.exe

Command Syntax

ProvNamespace [<namespace file>]|[/r][/f|/fe /x<n>]  <namespace name>]|[/?]


All of the following switches are optional.

/r Removes the namespace from the configuration database.
/f Fetches the namespace.
/fe Fetches the namespace for export to a remote provisioning server. 

Note  The output will require manual editing (for example, the defaultServer attribute of the providerContext element).

/x<n> Formats successive element levels of XML output using either a tab (n = 0) or the number of spaces specified by n (1 <= n <= 8).
/? Displays screen help for this command.


If no switches are specified, any namespaces in the given file are automatically added or updated in the configuration database.

See Also

Provisioning Manager, Developing Custom Namespaces

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