Resource Manager

Resource Manager is a critical component for managing a scalable data center service that uses Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF). Without effective management of resources in the data center, system resources are likely to be over- or underutilized. Overutilization can lower quality of service and violate a subscriber's service level agreement. Conversely, underutilization can inflate operating costs.

Resource Manager establishes an optimal utilization model that generates a notification whenever resources are over- or under-allocated to resource consumers. You can use Resource Manager to:

Resource Manager supports one allocation model, the block model, in which each resource instance has a maximum capacity, and each consumer instance is allocated a given percentage of that capacity. During allocation, the block-model algorithm evaluates each consumer and attempts to allocate it to the highest-ranked resource instance. If that resource is already fully allocated, the allocation function tries the next highest-ranked resource instance, and so on, for all resource instances and all consumers. Whenever multiple resources share the same rank, consumers are allocated to the first resource with sufficient capacity.

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