One way to submit requests to Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF) is via Simple Object Access Protocol Internet Server Application Programming Interface (SOAP ISAPI), a filter for Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS). Invoking SOAP ISAPI is appropriate for requests submitted by remote data centers. 

SOAP ISAPI processes synchronous requests (through a provisioning engine), as illustrated in SOAP Envelope Example.

SOAP ISAPI is an optional component you can install during MPF setup. Install it on all computers that receive SOAP requests for MPF. It should always run in an IIS virtual directory that has been configured for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

You can invoke SOAP ISAPI from any source capable of sending SOAP requests. To invoke SOAP ISAPI, send the SOAP payload to the full URL of MPFsoapisapi.dll. The default URL is http://server/mpf/soapisapi.dll; however, you must change this to the actual virtual directory where you are running SOAP ISAPI.

Prior to transmission, you must encapsulate every request in a SOAP envelope, which supplies SOAP ISAPI with the destination namespace and procedure.

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