Exposes a set of methods for submitting and managing queued requests in the Provisioning Queue Manager Service of Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).


IProvQueue is implemented in mapsclient.dll. It inherits from IDispatch.

Accessing IProvQueue from C++ Code

The client include file, Provisioning.h, resides in the \inc subdirectory of the installed MPF SDK. Include this file in any application you write that sends requests to a queue manager. For creating the object, the prog ID is Provisioning.ProvQueueClient.1 and the class ID is CLSID_ProvQueueClient.


Activate Activates a queued request that was suspended.
AddDependency Establishes a parent-child relationship between two queued requests.
Delete Deletes a queued request.
QueryResults Retrieves the response XML for a queued request.
QueryStatus Retrieves the current status of a queued request.
SubmitRequest Submits a queued request.
SubmitTrustedRequest Submits a trusted queued request.

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