Exposes a set of methods for integrating external services and processing provisioning transactions. Used by Microsoft. Provisioning Framework (MPF).

Providers implement IProvProvider to support low-level procedures. IProvProvider contains methods to activate and deactivate providers and to process, prepare, commit, and roll back transactions.


The type library for IProvProvider is in MPFProvider.dll. IProvProvider inherits from IDispatch.

When MPF SDK is installed,  providers created in Microsoft. Visual C++. and Visual Basic. will contain a skeleton IProvProvider object; however, developers must still implement the methods. Developers writing providers in other platforms must implement the IProvProvider interface.

Accessing IProvProvider

IProvProvider is instantiated only by provisioning engines; it is never called by providers.



Tells a provider that it is needed for a transaction.

CommitRequest Handles the second phase of a two-phase commit.
DeactivateProvider Tells a provider that it is no longer needed for a transaction.
PrepareRequest Handles the first phase of a two-phase commit.
ProcessRequest Executes provider procedures.
RollbackRequest Rolls back provider procedures.

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