Best Practice: Performance Collection rules should be categorized correctly


What does this best practice check for?

Performance Collection rules are rules written into the MP that collect performance data from performance counters. The best practice is that performance collection rules should be categorized as such in the MP.

Why is it important to follow this best practice? What is the impact of not following this best practice?

Performance collection rules that are not explicitly categorized as PerformanceCollection will still function correctly, as in the will collect the performance data they are intended to collect. However, without the categorization, they will not display in the UI in the correct performance views, and will not be available to the end-user as a result.

How do I fix this in my MP?

Using the Authoring Console:

1.        To change this for an existing rule, open the Properties dialog for that rule. Under the Options tab, ensure that Category is set to Performance Collection.


     < Rule ID = " Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.LogicalDisk.AvgDiskQueueLength.Collection" Enabled =" onStandardMonitoring" Target =" Server2008!Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.LogicalDisk" >

        < Category > PerformanceCollection </ Category >

     </ Rule >