Best Practice: Classes with custom icons should have 16x16 and 80x80 icons


What does this best practice check for?

MPs may specify certain icons to be used in certain places in the Operations Manager console. When specifying icons, the best practice is to specify two icons for each image group, one of a 16x16 size, and one of an 80x80 size.

Why is it important to follow this best practice? What is the impact of not following this best practice?

For icons that do not have both sizes specified in the MP, the Operations Console UI may not show icons in places where they are needed, as Operations Manager cannot find the appropriate icon in the correct size.

How do I fix this in my MP?

Using the Authoring Console:

1.        In the Presentation, tab, under Images, if you are adding any images, ensure that you add both a 16x16 (Image category: u16x16Icon) and an 80x80 (Image Category: DiagramIcon).