Cookdown Analyzer: Understanding Key Property Use in Cookdown


When this cookdown criterion is found to be red , this means that in a workflow that contains a performance-critical module (Powershell, WMI or Script Executer) ,one of the modules up to and including the performance critical module is breaking cookdown. This module is targeting a key property on a class that will have multiple instances on a single agent-managed machine. Because of the possibility of there being multiple instances, individual instances of an object are identified by their key properties. A key property must be different for each instance of an object because it serves as aidentifying property for the object.


When a module is targeting such a key property, it is picking up an instance-specific property from the object that the workflow targets. The key property is different for each instance of the object. In such a case, cookdown is automatically broken because the workflow has a target value that is guaranteed to be different for each occurrence of that workflow, and there is no potential for cookdown.


Note that non-singleton classes may sometimes have multiple key properties. In such a case, the value of each key property may not differ on a per-instance basis; however, the Cookdown Analysis tool does not detect this and will still mark such a module as being red .