Cookdown Analyzer: Understanding “Green”issues


Modules that are identified as green by the Cookdown Analysis tool are workflows that do not contain cookdown-breaking criteria that affect performance. Reasons for why a particular module could be listed as green are as follows:


·          Module is not a performance critical module. Performance critical modules are those which use Powersell, WMI, or scripts.

·          $Target/…$ expression for this module is “$Target/ManagementGroup/Id$”. This particular expression refers to the ID for the management group, and will be the same value for all objects in a given management group. This means that it does not break Target-based cookdown.

$Target/…$ expressions refers to a property on a class that has either been defined as a singleton (only one instance per management group). In singleton classes, there is only one instance of an object, and a workflow targeting this object will run for only this one instance. There is thus no potential for cookdown to break, because there is nothing to cook down.