SQL Hosting Web Service

The following methods of the SQL Hosting Namespace are exposed as Web methods in the Web Service:

Public Methods
Public Method Description
DropLogin The DropLogin method removes a SQL login from the server.
RevokeLogin The RevokeLogin method revokes access to a Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000 account from a server.
AddUserToRole The AddUserToRole method adds a user account to a database role.
RemoveUserFromRole The RemoveUserFromRole method removes a user from a database role.
BackupToDisk The BackupToDisk method backs up a database to a disk file.
ListBackupInformation The ListBackupInformation method lists the header information from a backup file.
RestoreFromDisk The RestoreFromDisk method restores a database from a disk file.
GrantDBAcccess The GrantDBAccess method grants an account access to a database.
RevokeDBAccess The RevokeDBAccess method revokes an account's access to a database.
SetPassword The SetPassword method sets the password for a SQL account.
ChangePassword The ChangePassword method changes the password for a SQL user.


In the method definitions that follow, the sqlUserName and sqlUserPass parameters must be specified only if you enabled SQL authentication on the SQL server. If you are using Windows authentication and you specify these optional parameters, the request will fail.

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